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Guide to Clinical Validation, Documentation and Coding 2019 eBook$199.95
Optum I10:Gastroenterology - Physician eLearn Training$208.00
Optum I10:General Surgery - Physician eLearn Training$208.00
Optum I10:GYN - Physician eLearn Training$208.00
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HCPCS Dental Data File$199.95
HCPCS Professional 2020 (Sftbd)$79.95
HCPCS Subscription Data File$299.95
Optum I10:Hematology - Physician eLearn Training$208.00
Historical Application Content (DOS Module)$149.95
HospitalBenchmarks.com Facility Single User$625.00
Hospital OPPS National Correct Coding Data File$749.95
HCPCS Level II Expert 2019 (Spiral)$104.95
HCPCS Fee Analyzer 2019$299.95
HCPCS Fee Analyzer 2019 Data File$549.95
HCPCS Professional 2019 (Sftbd)$79.95
HIPAA Tool Kit 2019$299.95
HIPAA Tool Kit eBook 2019$299.95
Home Hlth & Hospice Desk Reference: A Complete Gde to OASIS HIS Mgt eB$149.95
Home Health & Hospice Desk Ref: A Complete Guide to OASIS HIS Qlty Mgt$149.95
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ICD-10 Essentials: Determining the Diagnosis 2019$139.95
ICD-10 Essentials: Determining the Diagnosis 2019 eBk$139.95
ICD-10 Essentials: Operation PCS$139.95
ICD-10 Essentials: Operation PCS eBook 2019$139.95
ICD-10-CM Expert for Home Health/Hospice 2019 Spiral$179.95
ICD-10-CM Expert for Home Health and Hospice w/2019 Guideline eBook$179.95
ICD-10-CM Expert for Hospitals 2019 (Spiral)$114.95
ICD-10-CM Expert for Physicians 2019 Spiral$114.95
ICD-10-CM Expert for SNF, IRF, and LTCH W/2019 Guideline eBook$179.95
ICD-10-CM Professional for Hospitals W/2019 Guideline eBook$109.95
ICD-10-CM Professional for Hospitals 2019 (Softbound)$109.95
ICD-10-CM Professional for Physicians w/2019 Guideline eBook$109.95
ICD-10-CM Professional for Physicians 2019 Softbound$109.95
ICD-10-PCS Expert 2019 eBook$109.95
ICD-10-PCS Professional 2019$109.95
ICD-10 Essentials: Operation PCS$99.95
ICD-10-CM and PCS Subscription File$599.95
ICD-10-PCS to CPT Crosswalk Data File$949.95
ICD-9-CM Expert for Hospitals, Vol 1, 2 & 3 2015 (Spiral)$103.95
ICD-9-CM Expert for Physicians, Vol. 1 & 2, 2015 (Spiral)$99.95
ICD-9 Subscription Data File$299.95
ICD Expert for Physicians.com$109.95
ICD Expert for Post-Acute Care.com$199.95
Optum I10: Infectious Disease - Physician eLearn Training$208.00
Optum I10:Internal Medicine - Physician eLearn Training$208.00
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Laboratory Cross Coder eBook 2019$174.95
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