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Optum Custom RBRVS Set 1 - National MedicareCALL
Optum Custom RBRVS Set 10 - Zip Code Medicare CrosswalkCALL
Optum Custom RBRVS Set 11 - Medicare Payment Policies MFSCALL
Optum Custom RBRVS Set 12 - Medicare Anesthesia UnitsCALL
Medicare Ambulance Data Files - All Carriers SET 13CALL
Set 14 - Medicare Place of Service Code Data FileCALL
Set 2 - Locality Specific Relative Values - All LocalitiesCALL
Set 3 - Locality Specific MPFS Fees - All localitiesCALL
Set 4 - Carrier Specific Lab Fees - All CarriersCALL
Set 5 - Locality Specific Average Anesthesia Fees - All LocalitiesCALL
Set 6 - Locality Specific Psych Fees - All LocalitiesCALL
Set 7 - State Specific Medicare HCPCS Fees - All StatesCALL
Set 8 - State Specific Medicare ASC - All StatesCALL
Optum Custom RBRVS Set A - Gap RBRVSCALL
Optum Custom RBRVS Set B - Anesthesia Base Units SurgCALL
SET C - Medicare Single Drug Pricer FilesCALL
Optum I10:Speech Therapy - Physician eLearn Training$208.00
Stedman`s Medical Dictionary.com Add-on$125.00
Stedman`s Medical Dictionary, 28th Edition$59.99
South Carolina Workers` Compensation Medical Services Provider Mnl 18$150.00
South Carolina Workers` Compensation Medical Services Provider 2018 DF$350.00
South Carolina Workers` Compensation Medical Services Provider ebook18$150.00
Surgical Cross Coder 2018$174.95
Surgical Cross Coder 2019$174.95
Surgical Cross Coder eBook 2019$174.95
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The AMA CPT Content Module Inc CPT Asst CPT Changes AMA Questions/Answ$399.95
The American Society of Anesthesiology Add-on$199.95
The Complete RBRVS Updateable Data File$1399.95
The Dental Codes Add-On$19.95
Optum I10:Thoracic Surgery - Physician eLearn Training$208.00
CPT Assistant and Changes (unrestricted) Total CPT$339.95
Optum I10:Trauma Surgery - Physician eLearn Training$208.00
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UB04 Data File$2000.00
Uniform Billing Editor$329.95
Uniform Billing Editor eBookCALL
Optum I10:Urology - Physician eLearn Training$208.00
Understanding Modifiers 2019$95.95
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A - F   G - L   M - R   S - Z  |  Fast Finders/Express References   Coding Packages
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