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Pricing & Cost

In today's competitive healthcare environment, the contracts you negotiate and the fees you charge can literally make or break your practice. Make sure you have the information you need to enhance your revenue while providing the best care available.

Pricing & Cost Products

RBRVS & Relative Values
Access complete relative value scales for fee schedule development and contract analysis. With Relative Values for Physicians and the RBRVS updatable tool feel confident when establishing, defending and negotiating your fees.

Facility Pricing & Cost
Understanding and evaluating performance is critical to financial and operational success. But without solid benchmarking and analytical tools, where can you start? How can you pinpoint areas where you can capture more revenue and cut costs without jeopardizing quality of care?

Fee Analyzers
Optum360 Fee Analyzers provide the information you need to make the best business decisions for your practice. These custom reports provide physicians with the CPT® codes most frequently used in their specialty for their geographic region.

Workers' Compensation Fees
Optum360 is the exclusive publisher of the official Workers Compensation Fee Schedule for several states. Health care professionals need to reference this information to determine correct reimbursements. Although specific data varies state by state, these comprehensive references generally include state-specific rules and guidelines, fees or relative value units, CPT® codes, and applicable state-specific codes for services rendered.



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