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Digital Coding Solutions

Using products from our robust suite of digital coding solutions is a step in the right direction when it comes to streamlining your coding, billing and reimbursement practices. Digital coding solutions from Optum360 can help you save time and increase your efficiency with accurate and on-time content.

Digital Coding Solutions Products

Online Digital Coding Solutions
Optum360 has created a robust suite of online solutions to solve a wide variety of coding, billing and reimbursement issues. Whether you're an office manager trying to make your practice more efficient or a department head looking to streamline hundreds of employees at your facility, these online solutions can help you on your quest. Best of all, there is no software to install and the updates are automatic!

Online Digital Coding Demos
Curious about our online digital coding solutions? View a five minute demo of one or all our online digital coding solutions and learn how Optum360 can help you save time and increase your efficiency.

Rely on Optum360 to give you user-friendly applications, delivered to you with the latest code sets, billing information and other data. Plus, our software subscriptions include updates throughout the year so you never have to worry about using out-of-date information.

Add-on Modules
Customize your online tools with our robust suite of Add-on Modules. Select from a variety of referential and functional Add-ons to meet your individual practice needs.

Data Files
Trust Optum360 to bring you the most accurate and complete data files at the industry’s best prices. We offer an array of data file solutions to choose from. You can choose solutions that bring you updated codes throughout the year or simply choose one of our standard data file solutions for one-time delivery. And we now offer new add-on data elements to enhance your coding systems.

Practice Management & EHR
Optum360 PM and Physician EMR is a web-based, CCHIT-certified® EHR application fully integrated with all the operational functions of the hospital or practice. All its interfaces are built and maintained by Optum360 and it is available with a low up-front investment and an affordable monthly subscription. Optum360 hosts the software and a central library of interfaces so you’ll have instant access to the updates you need to improve coding and reimbursement.

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