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January 25, 2018

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Medical Coding News Archives

New 2012 ICD-9-CM Volume 3 Procedure Code Highlights

October 6, 2011:

Beth Ford, RHIT, CCS

Nineteen new procedure codes were added to ICD-9-CM volume 3 effective October 1, 2011, with multiple revised procedure titles, inclusion terms, and exclusions.

New procedure codes are distributed throughout the volume 3 procedure classification as follows:

  • 01–05 Operations on the Nervous System—Two new codes for ventricular drain and ventricular shunt procedures
  • 08–16 Operations on the Eye—One new code to classify insertion of aqueous drainage device
  • 17 Other Miscellaneous Diagnostic and Therapeutic Procedures—Four new site-specific percutaneous atherectomy procedure codes and a new code for insertion of antimicrobial envelope
  • 35–39 Operations on the Cardiovascular System—Five new approach-specific heart valve replacement codes, one new code for implantable pressure sensor, one new code for endovascular occlusion, and one new code for endovascular graft implantation
  • 42–54 Operations on the Digestive System—One new gastrectomy code
  • 65–71 Operations on the Female Genital Organs—Two new uterine artery embolization codes

Volume 3 revisions include 22 revised code titles, the majority of which occur in subcategory 35.2 Open and other replacement of heart valve, to distinguish between operative approaches. Instructional notes were added and revised throughout the update to prompt for additional associated, but separately reportable, procedures. Furthermore, multiple inclusion term and exclusion revisions were made throughout the update (e.g., subcategories 00.6, 35.2, 36.0, 39.7, 86.9) to clarify intent of procedure and surgical technique. New codes effective October 1, 2011, are as follows:

New Volume 3 Procedure Codes:
The following are new valid volume 3 procedure codes for 2012:
02.21 Insertion or replacement of external ventricular drain [EVD]
02.22 Intracranial ventricular shunt or anastomosis
12.67 Insertion of aqueous drainage device
17.53 Percutaneous atherectomy of extracranial vessel(s)
17.54 Percutaneous atherectomy of intracranial vessels(s)
17.55 Transluminal coronary atherectomy
17.56 Atherectomy of other non-coronary vessel(s)
17.81 Insertion of antimicrobial envelope
35.05 Endovascular replacement of aortic valve
35.06 Transapical replacement of aortic valve
35.07 Endovascular replacement of pulmonary valve
35.08 Transapical replacement of pulmonary valve
35.09 Endovascular replacement of unspecified heart valve
38.26 Insertion of implantable pressure sensor without lead for intracardiac or great vessel hemodynamic monitoring
39.77 Temporary (partial) therapeutic endovascular occlusion of vessel
39.78 Endovascular implantation of branching or fenestrated graft(s) in aorta
43.82 Laparoscopic vertical (sleeve) gastrectomy
68.24 Uterine artery embolization [UAE] with coils
68.25 Uterine artery embolization [UAE] without coils


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