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HCPCS Expert
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Publisher: Optum360
Experts: Julie Orton Van

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HCPCSExpert.com uses a powerful search engine or index to give you direct access to every description, guideline, and instruction in the Expert book, including even the more obscure HCPCS codes, complete with color-coded edits. Simple, fast, up-to-date searches help you maximize coding confidence and submit cleaner claims. Plus, it’s updated monthly to ensure you have the most current provide the HIPAA-compliant information necessary for cleaner claims. Use as a complement or replacement for your coding book. Read more

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Features and benefits

  • Faster, easier searches of HCPCS codes. Locate the code you need with a term search, or scroll through the index to access sections from the code book. 
  • Immediate guidance from user-friendly color-coded edits, guidelines, and instructions. Avoid thumbing through multiple code books searching for information.
  • Always current code descriptions and clinical information. Code more confidently knowing that you are accessing up-to-date extensive appendixes, commonly miscoded procedures, Medicare requirements, and glossaries with a simple click of the mouse.
  • Anatomical illustrations. Large displays of anatomical illustrations on your screen help you better understand procedures and anatomy so you can select the best possible codes.

The price of HCPCS Expert does not include add-ons. Add-ons sold separately.

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  • Dental Codes Add-On (Item WA23)



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Content Experts

Julie Orton  Van - Julie Orton Van works at Optum360 as a product manager for coding and referential software. She has over 30 years’ experience in the health care industry, including medical coding and billing, physician office management, home health and hospice, Medicare cost-accounting, managed care, claims adjudication systems, business rules configuration to automate physician credentialing and network participation, contract and benefits administration from a payer perspective, reference and CLIA-waived laboratory interfaces, and clinical information systems including technical support and clinical content for a fully-integrated ambulatory electronic health record at the University of Utah Health Sciences Center. She possesses specific knowledge of federal and state regulations regarding eligibility and benefit requirements for HMO, PPO, Medicare Risk, Medicare Cost, Medicaid, indemnity, third-party administration, and COBRA.

She has consulted in practice management with an emphasis on revenue cycle management and establishing policies and procedures for purchasing, inventory, and Medicare cost accounting. She has served on several boards interested in health care, including the Utah Health Information Network (UHIN) committee for implementation of daily eligibility and enrollment electronic data interfaces (EDI). She has presented on topics relating to capitation, code based system configuration to support business rules, the electronic health record and data quality. Ms. Van recently worked with business analysts, software developers, quality assurance specialists, and customers to create a coding application specific to post-acute care. Ms. Van graduated cum laude from Westminster College with degrees in Business Administration and Economics and English. She is an active member of the American Academy of Professional Coders, is a Certified Professional Coder (CPC) and a Certified Professional Coder - Payer with a specialty credential in Evaluation and Management (CEMC).

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