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Repair Toolkit for Claims Batch Editor

Repair Toolkit for Claims Batch Editor
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Publisher: Optum

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Only available for EncoderPro.com Expert

The Claims Batch Editor with the Repair Toolkit add-on offers all the advantages of Claims Batch Editor, allowing you to perform multiple claims checks at once for increased coding accuracy, by uploading an entire batch of claims, commonly referred to as an 837 claim file, PRIOR to submission to a vendor clearinghouse or claims payer.

In addition, the Repair Toolkit provides the opportunity to "clean-up" coding issues by pre-populating the claims information into EncoderPro.com' s Compliance Editor. And the Repair Toolkit provides a "variance report" that makes changes to your practice management system a snap, thus improving the revenue cycle and getting your claims paid even faster and more accurately. Read more

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   Features and benefits


  • Reduce rejections/denials
  • Increase payment turnaround speed
  • Improve compliance
  • Streamline your revenue cycle
  • Reduce administrative costs

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For a demo of Claims Batch Editor w/Repair Toolkit, Click Here.


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