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Coders' Essential 3-Pack

Coders' Essential 3-Pack
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Publisher: Optum

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The Coders' Essential 3-Pack add-on provides everything you need to maximize your coding skills.

The following content* published by DecisionHealth is easily accessible by code within your electronic coding solution. As you perform specific code searches, all the relevant DecisionHealth referential information provided in the Pink Sheets, Part B News and Answer Book, becomes available at the click of your mouse.

Part B News
Weekly comprehensive coverage of critical details related to Medicare Part B coverage, coding, billing and reimbursement rules for physician services and how they affect your practice.

Specialty Coder's Pink Sheets
Up-to-the minute information on coding and billing rules, strategies, as well as detailed analysis of procedure, diagnosis, and HCPCS codes – specific to your specialty – so you are armed with expert tools to file clean claims and get full reimbursement.

Answer Book Content
Comprehensive, easy-to-use, online A-to-Z reference library with plain-English explanations of Medicare billing, coding and reimbursement rules affecting anesthesiologists and pain management practices.

*Data included is code-related content and not the complete newsletter content.
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   Features and benefits

Part B News
  • Advance notice of changes in Medicare Part B reimbursement rules so you can prepare to comply.
  • Guidance on how to get your claims paid by following Part B reimbursement rules.
  • The latest coding policy changes and documentation requirements so you can avoid fraud and abuse violations.
  • Independent news to get all the Medicare Part B dollars you are legally entitled to.
Specialty Pink Sheets
  • The latest information on coding and billing rules.
  • Detailed analysis of procedure, diagnosis, and HCPCS codes – specific to your specialty.
Answer Book Content
  • Medical direction/supervision
  • Anatomy illustrations diagramming pain procedures
  • Guidance and information on billing under  unique time-based reimbursement rules
  • Procedure-specific documentation samples

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