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Publisher: Optum360
Experts: Julie Orton Van
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Trying to find the information you need to code correctly and understand complicated regulatory information is cumbersome and time consuming—especially when you have to sift through multiple government sites.

MedicalReferenceEngine.com compiles thousands of Medicare documents, local and national Medicare policy information and dozens of Optum360 reference books into one searchable database. Its enhanced search capabilities as well as sophisticated filters and cross-indexed search results means you can navigate the application with ease and:
  • Reduce research time and enhance productivity
  • Conduct searches across multiple sources in a single location
  • Maintain compliance with access to up-to-date rules and regulations
  • Stay on top of important changes with customized email alerts
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Features and benefits

  • Deleted code detail page. The perfect tool for retrospective audits, look up the references that were in effect at the time of that code selection. Also this page maps to the current code and code range.
  • Appendices arranged in a more comprehensive manner. Find the correct reference material, more easily.
  • Quick and easy to use. With links to public information and proprietary Optum360 content, all the critical information you need is consolidated into one comprehensive tool. So you find what you need, faster. You can even reduce research time by saving searches or bookmarking content.
  • Powerful code lookup tools. The Optum360 CodeLogicTM Search Engine allows you to search across all three code sets simultaneously by code, keyword, acronym, and abbreviation. In addition, you can view LCD/NCD, lay descriptions, illustrations, and Pub. 100 references for each code.
  • Robust Medicare content. With so many regulatory changes, it’s important to stay updated. Find answers to your Medicare-related questions within the MedicalReferenceEngine.com robust library. Get online access to Medicare transmittals, press releases, Pub. 100, and more spanning five years of historical information. In addition, search LCD/NCD policies for code combinations for medical necessity edits for all Medicare contractors to facilitate complete and clean claim submission and timely reimbursement.
  • Flexible customization options. Customize MedicalReferenceEngine.com to meet your needs. Set bookmarks to easily locate previously viewed documents, save searches to quickly repeat frequently-performed searches, and create multiple search preferences to easily toggle between search criteria when working on multiple projects.
  • Access to forms and fee schedules. Using the right form is imperative to reimbursement—but finding the right form can take time. With MedicalReferenceEngine.com, you can access commonly used Medicare Fee Schedules and Optum360 forms, templates, and checklists with a click of a mouse.
  • Search State Medicaid Content. Medicaid content now available for some states, in addition to Optum360 and Medicare content. You can now search Provider Manuals, Provider Bulletins, Fee Schedules and Forms from your state’s Medicaid agency, making MedicalReferenceEngine a true one-stop resource.
    • Medicaid Single State Add-on  (Item #WA29)
    • Medicaid All-States Add-on  (Item #WA28)
  • Stay on top of important changes and new regulations with customized email notification alerts. There is no need to monitor websites for new information; just tell us which items you are interested in, and we will send you email updates daily or weekly, depending on your preferences.
  • Connect seamlessly with other Optum360 online coding tools. MedicalReferenceEngine.com is integrated with EncoderPro.com and RevenueCyclePro.com. With one login, you'll be able to access all of these applications seamlessly.

Search all of these content sources from MedicalReferenceEngine.com:


Medicare and Medicaid:

  • CMS Transmittals
  • OIG Workplan
  • CIAs 
  • Advisory Opinions
  • Fraud Alerts
  • MLN Matters
  • Proposed and Final Rules
  • CMS Pub. 100 
  • RAC Audit
  • Code of Federal Regulations
  • Fee Schedules
  • LCD/NCD Policies
  • Internet Only Manuals
  • CMS Press Releases
  • MACRA Physician Quality Payment Program Guide
  • ICD-10
  • Select State Medicaid Information

Optum360 Hospital and Post-acute:

  • Complete Guide to Medicare Coverage Issues
  • Hospital Chargemaster Guide
  • Medicare Desk Reference for Hospitals
  • Outpatient Billing Expert
  • Uniform Billing Expert
  • DRG Expert
  • DRG Desk Reference
  • Regulatory Audits Desk Reference
  • MDC Optimizing Tips

Optum360 Physician:

  • HIPAA Tool Kit
  • Auditing and Denial Management Tool Kit
  • Physician Quality Reporting Guide 
  • Auditors' Desk Reference 

Optum360 Coding Guides:

  • Coders’ Dictionary
  • Coders’ Desk Reference for Diagnoses
  • Coders’ Desk Reference for HCPCS Level II
  • Coders’ Desk Reference for Procedures
  • Coders’ Desk Reference for Cardiology

Optum360 Education & Training:

  • Evaluation and Management Coding Advisor


  • Comprehensive Anatomy & Physiology
  • ICD-10-CM Clinical Doc. Improvement  

Code Sets:

  • CPT®
  • ICD-9-CM Volumes 1 &2
  • ICD-9-CM Volume 3
  • ICD-10-CM
  • ICD-10-PCS

Clinical References:

  • Merck Manual

Add-ons Available for MedicalReferenceEngine.com, at an additional cost:

  • AHA Coding Clinic® for HCPCS Add-on (Item WA03 & WA03C)
  • AHA Coding Clinic® for ICD Add-on (Item WA02 & WA02C)
  • AMA CPT® Assistant Add-on (Item WA01)
  • The AMA CPT® Content Module Add-on (Item WA34)
  • Total CPT® Add-on (Item WA37)
  • Clinical Documentation Improvement Add-on (WA35)
  • Dental Codes Add-On (Item WA23)
  • Dr. Z’s Medical Coding Series: Interventional Radiology Add-on (Items WA30 & WA31)
  • ICD-10 Essentials: Operation PCS Add-on (Item WA39)
  • Post-acute Care Add-on (Item WA38)

CPT is a registered trademark of the American Medical Association.


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Content Experts

Julie Orton  Van - Julie Orton Van works at Optum360 as a product manager for coding and referential software. She has over 30 years’ experience in the health care industry, including medical coding and billing, physician office management, home health and hospice, Medicare cost-accounting, managed care, claims adjudication systems, business rules configuration to automate physician credentialing and network participation, contract and benefits administration from a payer perspective, reference and CLIA-waived laboratory interfaces, and clinical information systems including technical support and clinical content for a fully-integrated ambulatory electronic health record at the University of Utah Health Sciences Center. She possesses specific knowledge of federal and state regulations regarding eligibility and benefit requirements for HMO, PPO, Medicare Risk, Medicare Cost, Medicaid, indemnity, third-party administration, and COBRA.

She has consulted in practice management with an emphasis on revenue cycle management and establishing policies and procedures for purchasing, inventory, and Medicare cost accounting. She has served on several boards interested in health care, including the Utah Health Information Network (UHIN) committee for implementation of daily eligibility and enrollment electronic data interfaces (EDI). She has presented on topics relating to capitation, code based system configuration to support business rules, the electronic health record and data quality. Ms. Van recently worked with business analysts, software developers, quality assurance specialists, and customers to create a coding application specific to post-acute care. Ms. Van graduated cum laude from Westminster College with degrees in Business Administration and Economics and English. She is an active member of the American Academy of Professional Coders, is a Certified Professional Coder (CPC) and a Certified Professional Coder - Payer with a specialty credential in Evaluation and Management (CEMC).

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