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Uniform Billing Editor (Updateable)

Uniform Billing Editor (Updateable)
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Publisher: Optum
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Facilities can use this reference tool daily to manage the constant changes to the Medicare billing and reimbursement process. The Uniform Billing Editor provides detailed, accurate, and timely information about Medicare and UB-04 billing rules and assists the user with 5010 data and UB-04 and 837i requirements. Read more

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Features and benefits

  • Quickly locate topics based on field locators, revenue codes, or coding structures. This
    easy-to-use format is fully indexed and tabbed with icons for quick reference.

  • Quickly link HCPCS and CPT® codes to applicable revenue codes. This crosswalk helps you to prevent the most common reasons for rejections — mismatched revenue codes and CPT® or HCPCS Level II codes.

  • Crosswalk to 837 institutional claims. Provides links to 837i 5010 data elements and any applicable billing rules — facilitating easier transition to the 837i.

  • Coding and billing tips with quick access to official sources. Submit claims to Medicare accurately the first time — helps you reduce claim delays and denials.

  • Includes 5010 standards and provides detailed, accurate, and timely information about Medicare billing and reimbursement.

  • OCE and MCE edits. Identify data inconsistencies, potential rejections, and denials through OCE and MCE edits.

  • Timely updates throughout the year. Stay current with changes to help you eliminate billing with outdated information.


    CPT is a registered trademark of the American Medical Association.

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