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Current Procedural Coding Expert, Professional Edition (Softbound)

2018 Current Procedural Coding Expert, Professional Edition (Softbound)
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Publisher: Optum360
Experts: Karen Kachur, RN, CPC
Latest Edition: 2018
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Turn to the resource that goes beyond basic coding with the Current Procedural Coding Expert - Professional Edition,  your CPT® coding resource.

Equipped with the entire 2017 CPT® code set with easy-to-use coding includes and excludes notes for coding guidance and Medicare icons for speedy coding, billing, and reimbursement, this easy-to-navigate resource will benefit physician practices, outpatient hospitals, and ASCs.

You’ll also find a comprehensive listing of annual code additions/changes/deletions/reinstatements in the appendix, new code icons and notes, plus reimbursement information and mid-year changes not found in the American Medical Association’s (AMA) CPT® code books.
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Features and benefits

Optum360 Edge — Headings with detailed Optum360 subheadings. Locate CPT® codes quickly.
Optum360 Edge — Code-specific definitions, rules, and references. Reference comprehensive information compiled from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), the AMA, Optum360, and other sources to assist with accurate coding and speed reimbursement.
Optum360 Edge — Re-sequenced CPT® code alerts. Identify the AMA’s code “re-sequencing” at a glance with our specific instructions, color bars, and brackets.
Optum360 Edge — Extensive user-friendly index. Find codes in a flash with the most accurate and expansive index of any CPT® coding resource with terms listed in a variety of ways.
CCI edit icon. Quickly identify those CPT® codes with corresponding CCI edits.
Evaluation and Management appendix – Easy-to-use grids and extended guidelines to facilitate E&M code selection.
New, Changed, and Deleted codes appendix. Easily identify changes to CPT® code descriptions, including code changes made mid-year by the AMA not found in the AMA’s CPT® code book.
CPT® Assistant references. Identifies that an article or discussion of the CPT has been in the American Medical Association’s CPT Assistant Newsletter. Use the citation to locate the correct volume.
Medically Unlikely Edits (MUEs) Appendix. Improve claims accuracy by ensuring CMS compliance through easy-to-access codes and their associated MUE units.
Medicare coverage rules with icons and with IOM (Pub 100) references. Understand which policies apply to CPT® codes prior to claim submission with icons and references for each rule, plus a copy of the applicable policy in the appendix.
Facility and non-facility RVUs and global/follow-up days. Ensure more accurate reimbursement with attachment to the corresponding code.
Helpful illustrations. Detect anatomical differences in codes with ease.
Modifier icons. Apply modifiers correctly with quick icon identification with the CPT® code.
Modifier appendix. Includes CPT® and HCPCS Level II modifiers and descriptions for easy reference for Medicare coding.
Brand-name vaccinations associated with CPT® codes. Vaccine names are listed by the CPT® code to aid accurate coding for medications.
Appendix with codes used to report inpatient procedures only. Don’t be denied payment by making coding errors.
Glossary of terms. Increase your understanding of coding, billing, and reimbursement terms to improve coding accuracy.
Softbound. Less bulky for travel and easy-to-see title on your book shelf.

CPT® is a registered trademark of the American Medical Association.

Content Experts

Karen  Kachur, RN, CPC - Ms. Kachur is a clinical/technical editor for Optum360 with expertise in CPT/HCPCS, ICD-10-CM/PCS and ICD-9-CM coding, in addition to physician billing, compliance, and fraud and abuse. Prior to joining Optum360, she worked for many years as a staff RN in a variety of clinical settings including medicine, surgery, intensive care, psychiatry, and geriatrics. Ms. Kachur has served as assistant director of a hospital utilization management and quality assurance department. She also has extensive experience as a nurse reviewer for Blue Cross/Blue Shield. She is an active member of the American Academy of Professional Coders.

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