ICD-10 Essentials: Applying ICD-10-PCS Guidelines Add-on

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Introducing ICD-10 Essentials: Applying ICD-10-PCS Guidelines, an illustrated guide with practical examples of ICD-10-PCS guidelines and conventions. This coding handbook provides in-depth explanations of everything from the basic format and structure of the ICD-10-PCS code set to use of the supplemental appendixes to code assignment based on appropriate application of the coding guidelines. Using coding examples and case studies, correct code assignment is explained with an emphasis on application of the coding and reporting guidelines. For each and every ICD-10-PCS coding guideline there are multiple coding examples and case studies designed to clearly illustrate coding concepts and reinforce understanding from the most basic coding questions to the most complex. This resource can be utilized within a code or term search or as an ebook as part of the Optum360 content library.

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The ICD-10 Essentials: Applying ICD-10-PCS Guidelines Add-on may be added to these online coding tools:

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  • Optum360 Edge — Hundreds of coding examples/case studies. The ICD-10 Essentials: Applying ICD-10-PCS Guidelines Add-on provides multiple case studies illustrating application of each and every ICD-10-PCS guideline. 
  • Optum360 Edge — Coding rationale. Each coding example and case study: 
    • Provides rationale for each ICD-10-PCS code assigned 
    • Explains the root operation(s) performed 
    • Compares and contrasts similar root operations and identifies the correct root operation based on root operation definitions 
    • Identifies and explains all applicable coding and reporting guidelines 
  • Optum360 Edge — Designed for all levels of expertise. Coding examples and case studies tackle coding concepts ranging from basic to advanced. 
  • Optum360 Edge — Illustrations. Both anatomical and procedural illustrations are provided to further enhance understanding 
  • Optum360 Edge — Comprehensive index. Quickly identify all relevant coding examples and case studies contained in the ICD-10 Essentials: Applying ICD-10-PCS Guidelines book when researching correct coding of specific procedures and correct application of coding guidelines.

Peggy Willard, CCS, AHIMA-approved ICD-10-CM/PCS Trainer

Ms. Willard’s expertise is ICD-10-CM and PCS including in-depth analysis of medical record documentation, ICD-10-CM/PCS code and DRG assignment. In recent years she has been responsible for the creation and development of several print products and e-books designed to assist with appropriate application of ICD-10-CM and PCS coding system. Ms. Willard has several years of prior experience in Level I Adult and Pediatric Trauma hospital coding, specializing in ICD-9-CM, DRG, and CPT coding with emphasis in conducting coding audits, and conducting coding training for coding staff and clinical documentation specialists. Ms. Willard is an active member of the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) and the Minnesota Health Information Management Association (MHIMA).