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ICD-10-CM Guidelines

2018 ICD-10-CM Guidelines
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Publisher: Optum360
Latest Edition: 2018

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The ICD-10-CM Official Guidelines for Coding and Reporting provide coding conventions and guidelines needed to accurately assign ICD-10-CM diagnosis codes. The official guidelines and conventions are used in conjunction with instructions contained in the ICD-10-CM code set to ensure accurate coding of diseases, injuries, consequences of other external causes and other reasons for health care encounters.

Use this separate guideline booklet together with your ICD-10-CM codebook to correctly assign and sequence diagnosis codes in all health care settings.
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Features and benefits

Optum360 Edge — Complete up-to-date 2018 ICD-10-CM conventions and guidelines. This handy booklet is designed to be used with your 2018 ICD-10-CM codebook.
Optum360 Edge — Guideline changes clearly identified. Changes from the 2017 version of the guidelines are identified as follows: 
    o Bold text identifies narrative changes 
    o Underlined text identifies text that has been moved within the guidelines since the 2017 version. 
    o Italicized text identifies revisions to heading text. Unchanged headings are displayed in bold.
Increased efficiency — Use a separate guideline booklet to eliminate the need to flip back-and-forth between the guideline section in your codebook and the index and tabular sections. Keep your codebook open to the referenced index entry or code while reviewing the relevant guidelines affecting code assignment.

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