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Almanac of Hospital Financial & Operating Indicators

2019 Almanac of Hospital Financial & Operating Indicators
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Publisher: Optum360
Latest Edition: 2019

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Comprehensive financial benchmarking of the nation's hospitals. The Almanac of Hospital Financial & Operating Indicators provides a comprehensive analysis of the financial and operating performance of U.S. hospitals and five-year trend information on more than 70 important financial measures. Comparable publications maintain only Medicare cost report records. The Almanac of Hospital Financial & Operating Indicators offers a unique database collected directly from three trusted sources:

  • Audited Financial Hospital Statements
  • Clinical data files (OPSAF, MEDPAR, All Payer)
  • Medicare’s Cost Reports (HCRIS)

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Features and benefits

Identify your facility’s strengths and weaknesses. Compare your hospital’s data with many peer groups such as: Revenue, Region, Bed Size, Facility Type, Quality Score, State, National groups and many more.
Access financial indicators and ratios such as: Total Margin, Current ratio, Profit per Discharge, Revenue per Bed, Staffing Levels, Length of Stay and more.
The Almanac is the largest hospital database of its kind.  References independently collected audited hospital financial statements and roughly 6,000 U.S. hospital’s Medicare cost report along with clinical data files. 
Determine how managed care levels affect your profitability and outcomes. Identify managed care penetration.
Know where to allocate your hospital’s resources. Compare your performance against established industry benchmarks.

The electronic format offers a PDF download of the almanac and online access to all of the Almanac reports. These reports show which hospitals contributed to the financial ratio and their facility specific ratio. A link is also provided that allows you to view Medicare Cost Report data by hospital for every hospital in the nation required to report this information to CMS.

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