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Use Add-on Modules to Ensure Up-to-date Access to AMA CPT® and CDI Content

Stay up-to-date by customizing your online digital coding subscription with add-on modules. Let us show you how the newest partnership between Optum360 and the AMA allows us to provide access to the AMA CPT® content to replace VOLUMES of print content and how it provides the same content as a book/newsletter. By going digital, it empowers you with the newest material possible and has much more efficient look-up capabilities. Additionally, we will walk through the new Clinical Documentation Improvement Add-on and show how it helps identify and clarify any confusing, incomplete, conflicting or missing information in the physician documentation portion of the health record that is related to diagnoses or procedures.

Date: Tuesday, October 11th, 1-2pm ET

Leverage your ICD-9 Expertise to Optimize your ICD-10 Coding Productivity

As the ICD-10 transition was looming on the horizon, there were serious concerns regarding coder productivity once ICD-10 became the official code set. Experts were predicting as much as a 40% decrease in productivity once these code sets went live. This informational webinar explores where your productivity is now that we are deep into ICD-10 and will show you how you can leverage your ICD-9 expertise along with Optum360 online digital coding solutions for hospitals to enhance your ICD-10 coding productivity and expertise.

Date: Tuesday, October 4th, 1-2pm ET

Web-Based Medical Coding Content: A Wealth of Content by Code

Today more than ever, the volume of coding information specific to an individual code can be astounding. Coders are challenged to obtain code-specific information they need from a single site or solution.  Join this session to learn how web-based products can provide the up-to-date coding information you need, when you need it.

Date: Tuesday, November 1st,
1-2pm ET


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