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Explore the DRG Grouper content in RevenueCyclePro.com

Join this session to discover the powerful combination of industry leading DRG grouping and pricing logic linked with the comprehensive content within RevenueCyclePro.com.

Tuesday, Oct. 16 | 1 p.m. Eastern

Product Preview: Enterprise ChargemasterExpert.com

The first step in any Compliance Program as well as Revenue Integrity Program, is a complete and accurate chargemaster. The complexity of the regulations, and the pace at which they change, make keeping a chargemaster up to date manually a near impossible task. Join this session to learn how Enterprise ChargemasterExpert.com will assist in implementing and maintaining a complete and accurate chargemaster, improving revenue cycle productivity by reducing rework due to claims edits, and improving overall financial health minimizing denials related to inaccurate chargemaster information.

Tuesday, Oct. 16 | 2 p.m. Eastern

Product Preview: EncoderPro.com Plus

Join us as we showcase the benefits of becoming an EncoderPro.com Plus member. Get the very most of your EncoderPro.com subscription. EncoderPro.com has long since been the standard for medical code information and correct code identification. Now with EncoderPro.com Plus, you can do so much more! Earn up to 25 CEUs, access to E/M coding tools, customized searching by specialty, and more.

Tuesday, Nov. 5 | 1 p.m. Eastern

30-minute Add-on Review: DrugReimbursement.com

Finding a needle in a haystack can be easier than locating the correct National Drug Code (NDC) to report a specific drug and drug strength.  Join this session to witness how quickly and easily the DrugReimbursement.com add-on searches through all FDA-approved drugs and pinpoints the exact NDC and then provides specific coding, bill unit, pricing and reimbursement information.

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30-minute Add-on Review: AHA Coding Clinics

A detailed understanding of ICD-10-CM and HCPCS codes increases your ability to accurately capture the patient encounter resulting in correct coding and accurate reimbursement. The American Hospital Association (AHA) provides publications to aid your understanding of ICD-10-CM and HCPCS code sets. You will see publication references are tied to codes and are easily searchable by code or keyword. Come see how easy it is to search the entire library of AHA Coding Clinic ICD and HCPCS content using these add-ons.

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30-minute Add-on Review: Claims Batch Editor & Claim Review and Denial Support

The key to the success of any physician organization is maximizing its capabilities for first submission payment, e.g. getting an accurately coded claim paid the first time it is submitted to a commercial, Medicare, or Medicaid payer. Helping our customers with this capability is one of the single most powerful advantages when using Optum360 online coding tool with Claims Batch Editor or Claim Review and Denial Support add-ons. The add-ons check hundreds of industry standard guidelines for commercial and Medicaid coding and even state level Medicaid guidelines. Let us help you significantly reduce claim denials by reviewing all your claims prior to submission to a payer and even provide audit support, E/M support, and claim appeal support.

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30-minute Add-on Review: Optum360 Specialty Articles

Keeping up with the specific coding guidelines for any particular specialty may be a daunting process. There are specific coding nuances that can be tricky to identify the ever-changing guidelines that make coding your specialty unique. This webinar reviews how the Optum360 Specialty Articles add-on provides specialty-specific coding content to you, the coder, to assist with accurately coding claims within your specialty. Join this webinar to see how this add-on can provide additional specialty coding guidance.

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30-minute Add-on Review: Clinical Documentation Improvement

Overcoming the longstanding challenge of communication between coder/clinician is made easier through the Optum360 Clinical Documentation Improvement add-on. Attend this webinar to see how easy it is to provide CDI content to both your coding and clinical staff.

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30-minute Add-on Review: AMA CPT®

Keeping current on AMA CPT® guidelines can be a difficult process and understanding CPT® codes and their correct claim placement is necessary for accurate coding. One solution is the Optum360 AMA CPT® Content Module which includes: AMA CPT® Assistant newsletter, AMA CPT® Changes, and AMA CPT® Knowledge Base. Attend this webinar to see just how easy it is to search and use this valuable content.

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Explore the HCC content in EncoderPro.com

Risk adjustment coding is becoming an industry standard and correctly identifying the correct Hierarchal Condition Categories (HCC) tied to codes/conditions is essential in this process. Attend this brief, yet informative, webinar to see how EncoderPro.com could make your HCC coding process much more efficient by providing access to HCC information (both CMS and HHS).

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Discover the Wealth of Content Available in Online Coding Tools

The medical coding industry has seen many electronic innovations and technologies that boost accuracy and efficiency. This webinar will show you how online coding products provide the same content and layout as code books — but with the most current information and much more efficient look-up capabilities.

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Boost Your Productivity, Compliance, and Coding with EncoderPro.com

Explore the benefits of online coding with EncoderPro.com, designed to boost practice’s coding productivity — from core content (HCPCS, CPT, ICD-10) to more specific coding content (coding tips, cross codes, risk adjustment, quality measures) and the most robust compliance editing tool in the industry.

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Reduce Time Spent to Achieve Compliance to Regulations with MedicalReferenceEngine.com

This session will demonstrate a smarter, faster and more trustworthy way to search for regulatory information using the online Optum360 MedicalReferenceEngine.com.

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Discover Even More Clinical Coding Content with Add-On Modules

From a full library of AMA content to easily deliverable Clinical Documentation Improvement information, join us to explore how add-ons provide coding guidelines and specific coding information that cannot be found in other coding tools.

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Refine Your Revenue Cycle with RevenueCyclePro.com

Take a tour of the expansive benefits of RevenueCyclePro.com. This comprehensive, problem-solving tool includes access to exclusive code crosswalks (revenue codes and PCS to CPT), updated Medicare LCD part A and NCD policies, DRG information and UB-04 billing tips that you need to improve your facility’s revenue cycle and billing compliance.

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Leverage Your Full Potential During Fee Schedule Negotiations

Reviewing and maintaining a fee schedule can be a challenging task. This session will review how FeeAnalyzer.com is designed to help fine-tune your fee schedule to identify areas for optimal reimbursement.

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