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Coders' Dictionary  |  A
Understand medical terminology from a coding perspective and gain efficiency.

DrugReimbursement.com  |  A
An online drug coding and reimbursement reference tool and database that provides up-to-date Medicare coding, billing, and reimbursement information for FDA-approved drug codes.


NEW! EncoderPro.com Plus  |  P, Y
This new module is designed to provide multiple features and expanded functionality specific to your specialty and organizational needs. In addition, it allows you to earn up to 25 CEUs through CareerWize.


Historical Application Content  |  A
Access to historical data from the previous eight quarters helps you work with appropriate information.


ICD-10 Essentials: Operation PCS  |  F
A new companion resource for ICD-10-PCS, that provides in-depth explanations of everything from the basic format and structure of the ICD-10-PCS code set to use of the supplemental appendixes to code assignment based on appropriate application of the coding guidelines.


MedicalReferenceEngine.com  |  A
Get comprehensive medical reference information—the content of 35 Optum360 publications, plus thousands of Medicare references and fee schedules—all in one place.

NEW! Optum360 Specialty Articles  | P, Y
Optum360 Specialty Articles provides exclusive access to the most recent and relevant specialty newsletter content available today.
Stedman’s Medical Dictionary  |  A
Access more than 100,000 medical terms and their clinical definitions, compiled in one location.
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