2019 AMA CPT® Changes: An Insider's View

American Medical Association | 2019

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For a better understanding of the latest revisions to the CPT® code set, rely on the best-selling CPT® Changes 2019: An Insider’s View. Find the meaning behind all of the changes included in the AMA’s CPT® Professional Edition codebook. Invest in this annual publication and get the insider’s perspective into the CPT® code set directly from the source—the American Medical Association.

AMA is the authority to turn to when seeking an official interpretation and explanation for a CPT® code or guideline change. Know the changes inside and out. Avoid and reduce claim denials.
  • Organizational structure similar to the CPT® codebook. Allows coders to easily conduct a side-by-side read of CPT® Changes with the CPT® Professional.
  • Official AMA rationales. Provide a detailed explanation for the code or guideline change.
  • Clinical examples, procedural descriptions and illustrations. Help explain the practical application for each change.  
  • At-a-glance summary table of the 2019 changes in each section. Shows the extent to which that changes affect a
    particular specialty.  
  • Serves as a good cross-reference for the latest edition of the CPT® codebook. Provides users with extended and practical explanations and applications for each change in the codebook. 
  • Consolidates and condenses all of the changes from the latest codebook. Provides reasons why and how a code may have been revised, deleted and added, and the implication of the changes
    to a user. Provides descriptions of the services and/or procedures of typical clinical examples to showcase or highlight these
    changes in order to illustrate how to use and report the new and/or revised codes.

CPT® is a registered trademark of the American Medical Association.