2020 Complete Guide for Interventional Radiology (Spiral)

Optum360 | 2020

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ISBN: 9781622547036
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Interventional radiology and cardiology coding can baffle even the most experienced coders. Developed to simplify coding for imaging-assisted surgical services, the Complete Guide for Interventional Radiology is a resource that provides specific direction for coding complex interventional procedures with guidelines and references for both physicians and facility-based institutions. Includes diagrams and colored images.
  • ICD-10-CM, CPT®, and HCPCS Level II information specific to interventional radiology and cardiology. Save time by reviewing only the code sets related to interventional procedures. 
  • Current coding and billing regulations. Make the most appropriate code selection for interventional procedures with the most up-to-date information, codes, reimbursement guidance, and tips. 
  • Additional anatomical diagrams added. Provides a better understanding of the medical procedures referenced by the codes and data. The graphics offer coders a visual link between the technical language of the operative report and the cryptic descriptions accompanying the codes. 
  • Medicare Correct Coding Initiative (CCI) edits. Reduce the risk of audits and spend less time correcting claims by identifying which coding combinations cannot be billed together. 
  • Case examples. Learn through real-world scenarios of interventional procedures based on common methods of practice. Reportable codes are indicated to illustrate code selection based on documentation for both the physician and the facility.
  • For Facilities: 
  • Benchmarking information. Optimize revenue for your facility with detailed data on often-overlooked codes while capturing all charges possible and allowable. 
  • Facility coding tips. Provides information on how codes should be used, as well as when not to use a code, plus other codes frequently associated with the procedure, HCPCS codes reported instead of or in addition to the procedure, and modifier assignment.
  • For Physicians: 
  • Physician payment methodology. Get all the details on how payment is established or determined. 
  • Detailed information regarding radiology services. Learn the difference in modifier reporting for radiology procedures for which the physician provides the supervision and interpretation versus the procedure itself. 
  • Summaries of anti-kickback laws and Stark legislation. Review Stark legislation history and regulations to help understand patient referrals and services provided. 
  • Physician coding tips. Provides information on how the code should be used, lists related CPT® codes, and offers help concerning common billing errors and modifier usage.

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