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DRG Subscription Data File

DRG Subscription Data File
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Subscription Data File

To purchase Optum360 Data Files please contact Optum360 Customer Service at 1.800.464.3649, option 1

Find timely, accurate and value-added information to power your coding, billing, and practice management systems with the DRG Subscription Data File. Complete with clinically reviewed and abbreviated code sets and proprietary add-on information, you’ll have access to essential coding and reimbursement data for the DRG code set in an updateable, easy-to-use format.

Available Add-on files:

  • DRG Crosswalk to ICD-10-CM - Diagnosis Related Group to ICD-10-CM (Item # A0401)
  • ICD-10-CM to MDC Crosswalk - ICD-10-CM to Major Diagnostic Category (Item # A0402)

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   Features and benefits

  • Accurate data. Gain confidence in correct code selection the first time.
  • Quarterly updates. Have more time to implement code updates in your systems with quarterly updates.
  • Valuable add-on files. Access additional, value-added information to enhance coding precision, including crosswalk files from ICD-10-CM to DRG and ICD-10-CM to MDC.


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For more information about our available data files for essential code sets, cross coding, ICD-10, fee and Medicare data, or insurance directory, please visit www.optumcoding.com/data.


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