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Historical Application Content

Historical Application Content
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Publisher: Optum
Experts: Ryan Devey

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Easy access to historical data going back eight previous quarters to help you adjudicate older claims properly based on the then-current rules. Read more

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Features and benefits

 The Historical Application Content Add-on compiles:

  • The Code Description in the Notepad and User Notes displays the description applicable during the specified historical quarter.
  • The Compliance Edit applies the selected historical date for the Analysis Period and Edit Conflicts.

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Content Experts

Ryan  Devey - Product Manager, EncoderPro.com
Employed at Optum360 for 10 years

Ryan graduated from the University of Utah in healthcare administration and has worked for multiple commercial payer organizations in several different roles. Additionally, Ryan worked as a practice administrator for a physician clinic, where he implemented an EMR system and a fully electronic coding and code review process. For the past 10 years, Ryan has designed and managed medical coding data management systems, workers compensation rebilling systems and medical coding/fee schedule software.

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