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Dr. Z’s Medical Coding Series: Interventional Radiology (Facilities/Physicians)

Dr. Z’s Medical Coding Series: Interventional Radiology (Facilities/Physicians)
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Publisher: Optum
Experts: Denise Smith

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Access the go-to manual that simplifies the complexity inherent in interventional radiology coding. Without leaving your workflow, look up details for appropriate coding and charging of both vascular and non-vascular procedures, laid out by type and anatomical site, as well as thorough instructions about the included components based on the appropriate CPT® or HCPCS code.  Available for MedicalReferenceEngine.com, EncoderPro.com, RevenueCyclePro.com, EncoderPro.com for Payers and ASCExpert.com.  Read more

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Content Experts

Denise  Smith - Denise is the product manager for eFacility Solutions and has been with Optum360 for 24 years. During that time, she spent 10 years working closely with the chargemaster consulting team, and, prior to accepting her most recent position, was training as a junior consultant. She earned a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing from the University of Utah and is a certified coding professional.

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